Head Light
BAOCH H5 headlights, which is specially designed night OFF ROAD use high brightness of the headlights, with reusable 2600mA lithium battery and charger, 390 lumens, weighs only 200 grams, can be closely fixed on the helmet light With theThe eyes move, safe and reliable. With a slip headband, is also very suitable for hiking or rock climbing use.
Double High Power LED Aluminum body
390 Lumens Maximal
Dimensions : 46W x 22L x 37D mm
Li-Ion Rechargeable - 2600mAh
Battery Life 5 Hours
Charging time: 3-5 hours
Weight 210g

Packing dimension 15.5x9.5x5 cm Gross weight 340g
Transport contents dimension 39x32x43 cm / 64 pcs
Advanced heat conduction technology, H5 in a small volume, we can achieve for a long time, stability, high light 390Lum output, which is currently the smallest of a high-brightness Head Light.
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