B7b maximum brightness up to 580 lumens, the aluminum-magnesium alloy shell, with a very wide angle of illumination, and does not affect a vehicle in sight, the light weight of only 90g, with a weight of 120g capacity 2600mAh lithium battery, the longest lighting time of 10 hours, it issuitable for the installation, road bike or mountain climbing on board, is the top choice in the city, country night riding.
Double High Power LED 7W 580 Lumens Maximal
Dimensions : 46W x 22L x 75D mm
Brightness Settings/Control : 3W, 7W Aluminum body, Weight 90g
Li-Ion Rechargeable - 2600mAh Battery Life 7W 3.5 Hours, 3W 10Hours
Charging time: 3-4 hours Weight -120g
Packing dimension 15.5x9.5x5 cm Gross weight 340g
Plain black
maximum brightness up to 580 lumens


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